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The electrical system includes numerous components like panels, power lines, wiring, electrical boxes, and many others, and they all need to function in perfect harmony so that we get a steady power supply for our home and business premises.

As an electrical system usually operates nonstop, it must get professional consideration from time to time so that you are completely sure that the premises are safe from fire hazards. On the other hand, even a minor malfunction can cause serious problems if left neglected, so avoid any of it by simply letting our experienced Poway electricians take care of it.

Wherever you are, we will come to meet you at the address and perform the given tasks in the shortest time possible. You can count on us to successfully deal with any electrical repair, upgrade, troubleshooting, large renovation projects, and many more as we offer nothing but superb electrical services.

We’ve been serving home and business owners in Poway for over 10 years, so simply give us a call and learn for yourself why most of them are our regular customers.

Home Wiring

Professional Ceiling Fan Installation

A high-quality ceiling fan is a necessity for most Poway residents, and we offer rapid installations and repairs. We can help you select the best possible ceiling fan that will not only make your living or working area more convenient to spend time in by adjusting its temperature, but also enrich the area with its unique style and beauty.

Nowadays, there are plenty of modern and traditional ceiling fan solutions that will transform the area and create the atmosphere you are looking for. Our team will inspect your electrical system before installing the new equipment to make sure that it is ready for new additions, and then find the right placement for the ceiling fan. Once the installation is over, we will leave your premises only when we are sure that everything works perfectly, and make sure that no mess is left behind.

Electrical Remodeling

Besides regular electrical services, we offer modern security solutions like Ring or video doorbells, and security camera installation. Thinking of renovating your interior space? We can install LED recessed lighting, light fixtures, chandeliers, smart switches and dimmers, outlets and bathroom fans. Looking to save money on your electric bills? We install ceiling fans, electric water heaters, and dusk to dawn or motion sensor lighting. If you own an electric vehicle, we are certified Tesla home charger installers and we can make any upgrades to your electrical panel, should you need them.

Electrical Inspection & Wiring Repair

Are your lights flickering or frequently tripping circuit breakers? We offer a wide range of electrical diagnostic and repair services that cover everything from switches, to circuits repair and replacement, to wiring, panel replacement, and other electrical upgrades. We have over 10 years experience and are highly trained to deal with any electrical issue. We invest in advanced electrical inspection equipment as it is essential for effective, quick troubleshooting. Depending on the current state of the electrical system, we will recommend the upgrades needed to update it so it can support the demand. Our team will examine your system and will upgrade the existing panel or install a new electrical panel to support the demand. You can expect the same attention to detail with new wiring, outlets, and appliance installation.
interior lighting electrical upgrade

Tesla / Electric Vehicle Charger Installation

Tesla home charger installation requires a certified electrician who is already familiar with the procedure. Tesla has strict quality and permitting requirements for electricians who wish to perform EV home charger installations. Our electricians have been specially trained in electric vehicle charging installation and repair. You can rest assured that installation the charger will be fast and hassle-free. The installation process itself depends on the exact kit your car model supports the best. Each car comes with a different home charging kit. Don’t know which charger is right for you? We’ll gladly provide you with professional advice when it comes to the charging kit selection.
ev charger installation

Outdoor Lighting Design & Installation

Looking to transform the appearance of your home? Take advantage of outdoor lighting’s practical use and brighten your driveway, pathways, uplight trees, and enhance your water features, all while beautifying the exterior of your home. If you already have a clear idea of how your outdoor lighting would look, we’re ready to help implement the design down to the finest detail. Don’t have a lighting design yet? No problem. We’re ready to design the lighting from scratch, and all you need to do is give us a few guidelines on your preferences. We’ll work with you until you are satisfied with your new outdoor lighting design.

Electrical Upgrades & Installation

Depending on the current state of the electrical system, we will recommend the upgrades needed to update it so it can support the demand. Our team will examine your system and will upgrade the existing panel or install a new electrical panel to support the demand. You can expect the same attention to detail with new wiring, outlets, and appliance installation.
Outdoor Lighting Ideas
24 Hour Emergency Electricians

24/7 Emergency Electrician Service

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All-In-One Residential Electrical Services

Electrical Troubleshooting

From the moment we started the business, we wanted to include as many electrical services as possible into our offer. This made us one of the most trusted and reputable electrical companies in the Poway area, so you can rest assured that by hiring us, you hired real professionals.

Each of our electricians is certified, highly trained, and experienced which guarantees the highest level of work quality and improves safety at your property. No matter if you are worried whether something is wrong with the electricity system and need us in the middle of the night, or you wish to entrust our professionals with a major commercial or residential renovation project, we are a team that can handle any of it.

Rely on us to perform various electrical upgrades like a switch, outlet, or panel installation, but also keep in mind that we are licensed to perform more complex services that include Tesla home charger or Ring doorbell installations.

Trustworthy Electricians in Poway

Our Poway electricians are at your service 24/7, so feel free to give us a call anytime. Your safety is our priority, and we will not consider our job done until we are 100% sure that your electrical system is ready to operate impeccably.

We are ready to create a personalized offer that will include all the services you require, so don’t hesitate to contact us today and tell us what we can do for you. Send us a message via the online form or write us an email, and we will make sure to provide a clear and detailed answer in the shortest time.


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