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There is a great chance that you’ve at least once experienced an electrical malfunction at your home or business premises. You would agree that it wasn’t an utterly pleasant occurrence as it is often difficult to determine the core issue which led to the electrical fault and compromised everyone’s safety.

The good news is that you don’t have to know much about the given topic as there is a team of well-versed electricians who will deal with the matter within minutes. Wherever you are located in the Encinitas area, we will come to the address and make sure to eliminate any ongoing issues in the shortest time possible.

Besides electrical repairs, you can rely on us for any minor or major upgrades, electrical inspections, rapid troubleshooting, and various installation of sophisticated and traditional electrical gadgets and equipment. Even if you don’t find the service you require among our offer, our 10-years’ experience and training give us a chance to successfully deal with any electrical matter at the spot, so feel free to give us a call and tell us what we can do for you.

Home Wiring

All-In-One Residential Electrical Services

Whether you need us to install a new ceiling fan, heater, or any other electrical equipment, our team stands at your service. Instead of watching endless DIY tutorials that are often too confusing, let us deal with the installation and ensure yourself a durable and functional electrical device. As our Escondido electricians are licensed to install modern electrical equipment like the Tesla home charger and Ring doorbell, count on us for that as well.

If you notice any electrical malfunction or there is a power outage at your home or business premises, our team can meet you at the address in the shortest time possible. We are standing at your disposal 24/7, all year long, so you can simply give us a call whenever you need us.

For those who are on the lookout for a serious team of experienced electricians for home and business office remodel and renovation projects, we’ve had an opportunity to work with multiple clients all over the Escondido area. We offer customizable solutions that will improve your electrical system and let you get the most of it. Also, we will present you with budget-friendly options that will positively affect your budget and the local environment.

Electrical Remodeling

Besides regular electrical services, we offer modern security solutions like Ring or video doorbells, and security camera installation. Thinking of renovating your interior space? We can install LED recessed lighting, light fixtures, chandeliers, smart switches and dimmers, outlets and bathroom fans. Looking to save money on your electric bills? We install ceiling fans, electric water heaters, and dusk to dawn or motion sensor lighting. If you own an electric vehicle, we are certified Tesla home charger installers and we can make any upgrades to your electrical panel, should you need them.

Wiring Repair

Faulty wiring which hasn’t been addressed properly can pose a great danger to the facility and everyone in it. This is why it is crucial to hire professional electricians for wiring maintenance and repair.
Whether you’ve noticed that the wiring is not placed properly, that the appliances are flickering and overheating, or you can smell the burnt plastic, it is definitely time to give us a call. We use highly sophisticated testing equipment which will detect the issue within seconds and with maximum accuracy. This gives us a chance to approach the core of the problem and fix it as soon as possible.

interior lighting electrical upgrade

Electrical Inspection & Troubleshooting

Are your lights flickering or frequently tripping circuit breakers? We offer a wide range of electrical diagnostic and repair services that cover everything from switches, to circuits repair and replacement, to wiring, panel replacement, and other electrical upgrades. We have over 10 years experience and are highly trained to deal with any electrical issue. We invest in advanced electrical inspection equipment as it is essential for effective, quick troubleshooting.

Electrical Upgrades & New Installation

Depending on the current state of the electrical system, we will recommend the upgrades needed to update it so it can support the demand. Our team will examine your system and will upgrade the existing panel or install a new electrical panel to support the demand. You can expect the same attention to detail with new wiring, outlets, and appliance installation. 

24 Hour Emergency Electricians

24/7 Emergency Electrician Service

Just reach for your phone and call us:

Certified 24/7 Commerical Electricians

Electrical Repair

Having an electrician who will come to the rescue any time of day or night and deal with the matter within minutes is the precise thing our company offers. We stand at your service 24/7, all year round, even during holidays.

Keeping commercial property’s electrical system healthy and fully operative is not only important but mandatory. This is the way to prevent a possibility of fire hazard, but also a material loss which is often huge in well-equipped and modern commercial properties.

Count on us for major and minor electrical upgrades and electrical safety inspections, but also lighting design and installation for outdoor and indoor areas. In case you are on the lookout for a serious and reputable electrical contractor for commercial remodels and renovations, you can rest assured that you’ve encountered a professional team that can answer your demands and respect given agreements and deadlines.

Smoke Alarm System Installation & Repair

The smoke alarm system is one of the most essential commercial and residential property electrical components, and it must remain fully functional at all times to be able to protect you from the fire hazard. No matter if there is a constant beeping sound or the system goes off for no apparent reason, it is best to let the professionals take care of it according to the well-established instructions and regulations.

The most common reasons for smoke alarm faults are inappropriate placement, steam, high humidity, or simply an outdated device. Whether we need to replace the battery, adjust the settings, or replace the current smoke alarm system, you can rest assured that our team can deal with any matter on the spot.

Our team offers professional smoke alarm system installation and repair for your Encinitas properties, so you can relax knowing that our certified electricians are always at your disposal – 24/7.

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